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Latoya Cameron


Latoya Cameron has been seen on the SLAC stage in THE CAKE, STUPID FUCKING BIRD and 2014 SATURDAY’S VOYUER. She has participated in three Playwrights’ Labs, and voiced one of the members of the Jolly Troop (Upper Twin) in CLIMBING WITH TIGERS. She has been a proud Union Member of Actors Equity for four years.
Recently she has shifted her focus towards balancing her time off stage along with on. This new direction has turned her attention on how to make theatre a place that creates visibility and equity for marginalized communities who have been affected by systemic oppressions . Along with that, how we can make the theatre a safe environment for all to show up as their full selves. Theatre can be a place to create change, that can create possibilities and shift perspectives; however, we have yet to witness the actualization of that potential because of discriminative behaviors acting as gatekeepers. Through her continued work with SLAC, we will strive toward removing the hinges from those gates and perpetually work towards effective and equitable change.

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