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Jayrod P. Garret

Teacher • Poet • Storyteller

Jayrod P. Garrett longs for a world that sees each of us as human beings. As a part of the Black Lives Matter movement he lost friends and some he considered family for the cause. Every sacrifice made him stronger. His goal as a writer and performer is to share art that moves us, as people away from the caricatures that our biases and systems determine others to be, onward to a place where we see each human being for all of who they are. He’s published work in local anthologies and he’s preparing a collection of poems titled “Being Black in a White Space” at this time to present with the organization UBLAC. He is a poet and aspiring author that graduated from Weber State with his Bachelor of English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing in 2014. Having lived in Utah most of his life he’s an Ogdenite at heart, through currently lives with his wife and two kids in Bountiful, Utah.

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